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It's patch time, Operatives.

SOS v1.03 brings several bugfixes and minor QoL updates to the table! Details below.




1) Fixed a potential progression blocker in Episode 1 wherein Agent would sometimes disappear when hacking a kiosk necessary for advancing the story.

2) Fixed a bug where interacting with the Baldwin Point outside of the SGT. Base twice would cause Agent to get stuck listening for a phone call that, sadly, would never come.

3) Improved indicators for Episode unlocks in the Study: Items outlined in gold are unlocked but incomplete; items outlined in green are completed. Locked items still don't have an outline, for story purposes.

4) Fixed a minor display bug wherein Agent's shadow sometimes was visible/controllable even when the Agent wasn't. Demons caused this one.

5) Fixed a minor bug wherein bulletproof vests sometimes developed minds of their own and ran away. Demons caused this one too.

6) Fixed a minor display bug wherein certain objects would supercede the 'YOU DIED' Game Over card.

7) Thankfully, you can now see the trees outside the Agent's window in the Study after it stops raining.


On a site note, we really appreciate all the love and support we've been getting lately! Thanks everyone for playing and streaming our sweet babies. The world is a bit of a mess right now, and all we know how to do is make video games. We hope that's helping people out at least a little bit.

Keep on rolling,


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